1. In the case of defects or non-compliance of products with the offer, the buyer is entitled to claim the goods by notifying the seller by e-mail to the e-mail or mail by post.

2. Printing complaint is downloadable on the website.

3. A complaint should contain the following information:

• name and surname
• address for correspondence (including e-mail and phone number)
• the subject of the complaint
• the reason for complaint
• signature (original signature in the case of a complaint submitted by mail).

4. Complaints will be considered by the Seller immediately from the date of its receipt.

5. A result of complaints Seller notify You by e-mail indicated on the complaint, in the case of correspondence by letter - to the address provided by the User.

6. In the event of a claim is accepted, the Seller shall agree on the timing and mode of exchange of goods being the subject of the advertised items.

7. In matters not referred to in this paragraph, use art. 556 - 576 of the Polish Civil Code.

Return of products purchased

1. User - the consumer who concluded at a distance, may withdraw from it without giving reasons, making a statement in writing within ten days from the date of delivery. To comply with this deadline, you must send a statement before its expiry.

2. In this case, you - the consumer is obliged to deliver the order to send in the same state, unless a change was necessary in the ordinary course thing sold, and the Seller returns to the bank account user - the consumer, the payment for returned order.

3. In the case of personal reception of the ordered products, the Purchaser is not possible to return the goods purchased, you may only make an exchange for another product for the equivalent of previously purchased products. Please prudent shopping.

4. The cost of returning the goods by the Buyer to the Seller pays The Buyer (under the principle stated in the judgment of the ECJ in Case C-511/08). To withdraw from the contract, a statement in writing to terminate the contract. For this purpose, can benefit from a shared service model letter.

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