"Choose to be wild" Heather Green T-shirt


In the era of ever-present conformism and the cult of material values, it is worth choosing a simple lifestyle in which our undisturbed „I" can freely wander around the peripheries of a global village like a bear in the mountains, awakening respect among tourists. Do not let yourself pigeonhole and literally speaking f**k the system - be like our teddy bear, which is very naughty today.

T-shirt made of recycled organically grown cotton and recycled polyester. It has slightly close fit style but still doesn’t restrict movements. Ideal for sunny day in rocks or training session on climbing gym. It provides comfort and freedom of movement. 

Main features:

• Slightly close fit style;

• Made of 60% recycled, organically grown cotton and 40% recycled polyester;

Warning: Last items in stock!


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