Eylet Tank Top Mint "Flowers"


Eylet tank.

Don’t let appearances confuse you - this is not just another T-shirt with a floral design. We were inspired by the iconic Dave Graham's line From Dirt Grows the Flower, whose name stimulated our imagination, drawing a metaphorical image of beauty growing out of ugliness, flowers from dirt. Graham found what he was searching for - his ‘pure’ 8C, and so did we with our simple and expressive pattern we sought for a long time.

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Made of cotton/elastan blend. Girly, close fit. Oryginal design makes it perfect for a crag and for a everyday wear. Comfortable, doesn't restrict your moves. Ideal for climbing in the sun or for a gym workout.

Main features:

  • girly style, close fit;
  • fashionable style;
  • cotton/elastan fabric.

If You any problem with order, do not hesitate to contact us on: anna@heartbeat-clothing.com

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