About us


Heartbeat clothes are created for active people who are fond of everyday challenges and adventures and… an integral thrill. They are meant to serve everyone practicing sports, that makes us feel free and happy.

Why heartbeat?

Climbing is our passion and became the inspiration to create the Heartbeat brand in 2013. It still inspires us. It makes our hearts beat faster…

Heartbeat is

  • functional form;
  • maximum comfort;
  • high-quality products made of high-quality materials;
  • interesting designs, innovative cuts;
  • vibrant colors, bold style.

We make them for you and for ourselves, we test it ourselves. The customer gets a product with which we are fully satisfied, at the same time inscribing in global outdoor trends. This is not a Chinese mass product, but a fine domestic one. Our clothes are 100% made in Poland and our ideas are born at the foot of and among the granite crags of Sokoli Rocks, near Jelenia Góra.