Cookies Policy

What are “cookies” files?

Cookie files are small text files that record user’s online activity. They make it easier to navigate the site and take various actions, because they recognize the User’s device and display a page tailored to his individual preferences. Disabling them may result in malfunction of the website and lack of access to some functions, including making purchases.

Why do you need cookies in the online store

  • allow us to use the account in the online store,
  • they allow you to store goods thrown into the basket in the online store,
  • allow users to recommend products most suited to their preferences,
  • allow you to keep a logged in session while viewing various subpages of the store,
  • remember our preferences and website visits,
  • allow us to better understand the expectations and preferences of Users.

In addition, our website has a Google Analytics script (viewership statistics) and scripts for Facebook social networking buttons that can also save cookies.

Deleting “cookies”

Each type of browser offers the ability to block and delete cookies. For more information on how to manage cookies, please use the links below.